My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends (Book Review)

Yes, I am woman (female) hear me roar! And yet as far back as I can recall in being a female, which meant cultivating female friendships, because what girl or woman doesn't want to have friends. Yet, these friendships for all the good and wonderful times shared, also came fraught with all the necessary female drama still, too. From as far back as I can remember, when one of my childhood friends decided in third grade that she no longer wanted to be my friend and resorted ... Read More!

An Organized Fall Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Fall is definitely here... Mid last week, we had some 90 degree and humid weather, but then over night it turned quite cool. The following morning, you could fill a distinct nip or chill in the air.  It was as if Fall arrived with a blink of an eye in the course of a mere few hours of shut eye over night - Wake me up September is most definitely here and not over yet. And even though we made it to 70 degrees under mostly sunny skies, it was still not a summer 70 degrees, but more a fall, ... Read More!

Hopeful Wonder…

"You really are a wonder, Auggie.  You are a wonder." Spoken like a true mom, Auggie (August Pullman - the main character of the book Wonder) said this in awe of her own son towards the end of this book. But the thing is Auggie is anything but an ordinary young boy and from the first line of "Wonder," by R. J. Palacio, he (himself) tells the reader point blank: "I know I am not an ordinary ten-year-old kid.  I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking is probably ... Read More!

This Apple Girl Drools Over iPhone 6

Why am I such an Apple Geek and even whore all combined in one? It all started back when I was about 10 years old and in one of my classes in school, I got to see the Apple IIc Plus (totally showing my age here!) - it was love at first sight. No joke, I came home and drove my parents crazy that I just had to have this computer.  I did already have a computer (it was nothing compared to the Apple though). My parents finally caved and got us one for Christmas that year.  It was put ... Read More!

More Firsts & Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

More Firsts Week 2... This week indeed included more firsts for our family, as last week was indeed Emma's first day of Kindergarten, as I recapped here for all.   After her first abbreviated week (3 days in total), she had Saturday off from school and all activities.   More Firsts - Fall Soccer 2014... But Sunday began the first day of Fall Soccer for Emma, who is now a Small Fry Girl or in the U6 (under 6 group).  Kevin is, of course,  coaching again and made another ... Read More!

Kindergarten Finally…

First Day of Kindergarten Finally.... As I opened my eyes, sunshine and warmth streamed through the room, as well as the sound of my name being called out. "Mommy!" I looked over at the clock to see that it was only a little after 6 am and still pretty early yet for a Wednesday morning. In checking to make sure I wasn't dreaming, hallucinating or imagining this, it was Emma, who was had a giddy excitement for the first day of kindergarten calling out to me. She didn't need to be up though for ... Read More!

Roasted Corn, Black Bean, Tomato & Onion Tex-Mex Farfelle Recipe

Ever try a new recipe from only ingredients you have in your own pantry? I have and readily admit, I love to try new recipe especially with different ingredients I may have in my house at any given time. Unfortunately time isn't always there for me to try new, especially now that school has indeed begun here and summer is over. However recently, I did get a night where I had extra time a few days before we started school again this year.   [Tweet "#friday night #recipe for roasted #corn ... Read More!

Wake Me When September Ends & Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Yesterday was September 1st and I admit I so not happy about it.  As soon as I realized it was indeed September, I kept hearing, Green Day's, "Wake Me Up When September Ends" playing in my head. Got to admit I am a summertime girl any day of the week and even said this out loud to both Emma and Lily this past weekend.  Emma agreed and told me that she loved Summer just like Olaf (yup Frozen still lives on here) plus her birthday is in the summer. Lily was not as amused or happy about ... Read More!

Worst Mom for Kindergarten Orientation

My anxiety levels were on high for weeks even months as I described here now for this one day. I had rescheduled all of my work to make sure that I didn't miss this day and was 100% present for Emma's big day. Finally it was the morning of and I foolishly thought I was all prepared.  I even had bought an oversized filed folder envelope at Target the day before and had gotten all the back to school papers filed and the name tags and bus pass for Emma hung on the fridge. It was 10:50 am, when ... Read More!

Sunflowers, Back To School & Wonderful Wednesday #88

This time next week my older daughter, Emma will indeed be starting back to school, but now she is hitting the big time entering Kindergarten. Many who follow and read my blog know that I have all sorts of mixed emotions about this and admit that I am a bit all over the place about this even having bared my soul a bit here. First of all, we have what is called, "Sail Into Kindergarten" for a little over an hour on Thursday, which pretty much welcomes her and all the other kindergartners ... Read More!

Dad Is Fat!, Overdrive & A Concert

He is known by most if not all (in case you don't watch Comedy Central or are living under a rock) as the HOT POCKET GUY. Of course, I am talking about Jim Gaffigan, the comedian, who also just happened to write, his own book all about being a dad to not one, but five kids. Why I am talking about Dad Is Fat or Jim Gaffigan here today? I promise to get to that in one moment (I swear). But first, this past summer has flown by me, but will admit I haven't read nearly as much as I did in the colder ... Read More!

Step into Summer & July GLOSSYBOX

Let's Talk July GLOSSYBOX Now!! *I subscribe to GLOSSYBOX monthly, but am an affiliate marketer for them and if you do click on my links and order, I will make a small commission from this and am obliged to share this from the FTC regulations.* I am totally aware this it is the end of August already (seriously where did the summer go?) and I am just now posting up about the July GLOSSYBOX here. But first time really does fly when you are having fun and second I only received my box about 2 weeks ... Read More!

Fall Fashion Forward with Golden Tote

August is here and Fall will be here before we know it.  I can honestly say I head into this time of the year kicking and screaming at best. Most here know I love summer and the warmer months, but still like it or not it is on its way. As much as I am the lady that doth protests too much as the seasons do change, I do very much like to shop and love to get new clothes for each new season and fall fashion season is no exception to the rule. I can't always get to go to stores to actually shop ... Read More!

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #87

Just a quick note to say thank you to all that joined me last week for my very first week of co-hosting the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop and seriously had so much fun, as well as felt so welcomed by all those who participated.  Now, I cannot wait to get this week's party started now and see all your "Wonderful" posts.  So, let's get this party started!!   Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #87 is starting right out of the chute with our features from last week's party! MOST VIEWED How ... Read More!

6 Ways Puppy & Baby Are Similar

*Just a side note to tell you this post is totally out of jest and a bit of a tribute to our beloved puppy, Elsa, who is getting spaded today at the vet as you read this.  I needed to share a bit of laughter on day when I will most likely be worrying just slightly about her - moms always worry.* A Puppy! I may or may not have begged and simultaneously wished for one each year at Christmas time as a kid after our beloved family dog, Taffy (an Australian Terrier) had to be put to sleep. I mean ... Read More!