The Times They Are A Changing and Kids Do Grow Up, Too…

Times change and kids grow up I suppose.  Even since I have been writing this blog, I have seen changes in my girls.  They have grown a bit physically and mentally.  Between my older starting pre-school and using the toilet without her potty seat insert to my younger, who has stopped wearing diapers, is using the potty, and knows the alphabet song from start to finish now, they are really growing up right before my very eyes.

So, I should have seen it coming, but I totally didn’t.  We went shopping for Lily’s birthday at Target with both kids in tow, because Target and usually have the best sales.  We, of course, went to the toys section as we have done before and began looking for toys.  Everything Lily picked up and showed interest in Emma kept saying, “Lily will share this with me,” because she couldn’t have new toys appear in her home without the promise of getting to play with them, too.  That is truly understandable, because they are so very close in age and many of the toys started out as Emma’s and she shares better than most I think, but does still have her moments from time-to-time (hey she is only 3 years old and do need to remember this).

Anyways, we tried to explain that these were indeed Lily’s gifts, because it was her birthday coming up, but that I am sure Lily will share with her as long as she is indeed nice to her.

Then, I spotted the “EasyBake Oven”, which as become a most wanted gift by both my girls from Santa this year on sale for $10 off at Target.  See they play with the EasyBake App on my iPad and have seen the oven being advertised through said App and have been asking me for it since the summertime.  Well, apparently this “Hot Toy” of the season was on sale for $10 off this current week.  So, what is a mother to do?

Here Is the Easy Bake Oven in Question…

That’s right I, put it in the cart and purchased it.  All the while, Emma was saying, “That’s My Easy Bake Oven,” but it is still in sight, so that was expected to me. We got in the car and that was the end of the EasyBake Oven talk or so I thought (out of sight out of mind).  We got home and I put all the bags of toys in the garage.  Then, I walked into the house and that is when it happened.

Emma asked me without warning, “Where is my EasyBake Oven, mommy?”  Well, I was dumbfounded to say the least and felt like a deer caught in headlights.

I mustered all my strength and creativity to come up with a good comment and just couldn’t.  She had caught me off guard.  In the past, she would have forgotten that we bought something like that in front of her once she didn’t see it anymore.  Her 3rd birthday, this past July, we went to the Disney Store and bought her a few toys.  She didn’t even blink in recognition when she got them a week later that she had indeed picked them out.  So now you can see why I truly didn’t see this coming, when only 4 months earlier, she was clueless.

I thank god for Kevin, who thought on his feet and answered her, “Santa needs to take it to his workshop to make it special just for you.  He will be putting these special touches on them and return it to you Christmas morning.”

And thankfully she seemed to buy it and hasn’t asked since, but what a close call that was.  But the moral of the story is whatever Christmas shopping I have left for her, will have to be done without her there to see these gifts or else I better have a damn good excuse as to why she isn’t getting it, because she now has not only short term memory, but long term too.  I love that she is growing up, but why, oh, why did she have to choose now to grow up on this front, because I am not a good liar and now have to think on my feet or so it would seem.  Oh the joys of parenting and having your kids grow up!!

Now, please watch and enjoy my favorite girls, Sophie Grace and Rosie from Ellen go on a shopping spree at Toys R’ Us:


  1. 1

    Ruchira says

    I agree with you on this, Janine. Kids have a very good memory when it comes to purchasing their stuff in front of them. I usually shop for his b'day with him, but when it comes to Santa gifts…ought to do in privacy or else his list will never end (Yes, he is 9 and still believes in santa) I don't want to ruin that moment since I love it how he is filled with joy on christmas day :)

    • 2

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Ruchira and I too don't look forward to the day when my girls realize about Santa. I thank god I also have some time for that. As for them realizing, they have truly put a cramp in my shopping agenda and time, lol. But I guess all good things must come to an end!

  2. 5

    Emily (OhBoyMom) says

    Oh I remember that Easy Bake oven! I could understand her wanting that oven as her own and as soon as possible. I have to pick super secret hiding places for gifts now because my boys are amazing sleuths when it comes to finding presents! It is hard when they grow up right in front of us, but just remember, another awesome phase of their childhood will follow soon after.

    • 6

      JanineHuldie says

      Emily, I know that phase will come someday, because I remember my brother and I being like your boys at one point in our childhood. And also so true about another awesome phase of their little lives coming up real soon, too. Thanks as always :)

  3. 7

    Stacy Harris says

    Yeah – I can no longer take my kids with me while I am doing birthday or Christmas shopping. It is so difficult because we like to do our shopping together but since we never have a babysitter we have to try and be sneaky about it.
    On the other hand… I just have to say… my daughter has an easy bake oven. she had a friend over and they decided to make a cookie or cake or something with it. Don't ever let them feed it to you. I don't know if it was just what they made… or if they made it wrong but it was the nastiest thing I have ever ever ever tasted! :)

    • 8

      JanineHuldie says

      ThanksStacy and so good to know about eating their creations, because I would be the first person to want to eat it if it is baked goods, lol. Good to know I am not the only one that can't take my kids shopping anymore either, but so true that it is sadly easier just to take them then find someone to watch them.

  4. 9


    I don't think I've ever been able to pull off shopping with my girls with me! So hard!! And – I'm just warning you – that Easy Bake Oven may really make you mad! I mean, I hope not, but it's one of those things that has been trouble in my house. Make sure to pick up a couple of the refill mixes. And keep back-up cupcakes hidden somewhere so your girls don't cry when they taste what comes out of their oven. Baking with a lightbulb and getting it right is seriously difficult for me. :) As much as I hate it, my girls love it anyway.

    • 10

      JanineHuldie says

      Thank you so much for the warning. Believe it or not, I was the most girl-girl, but never did have an EasyBake Oven, so this is all new to me and will definitely take any advice I can get. The extra cupcakes sound like a must and will totally have to remember that. Amy, thank you seriously!!

  5. 11

    Cari Lorine says

    I remember my parents desperately trying to keep presents a secret with four little ones in the house. We were all three-year doorsteps, so they had it a little easier. Once I was old enough, I sort of became a little elf helper to them. With two girls so close in age, I'm sure and Kevin both have to be extremely creative and sneaky! Great post, as always, Janine!

    • 12

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Cari and I was like you and was the helper, because my brother was six years younger than me. We are definitely going to have to be mighty creative and oh I feel the pressure on me!!

  6. 13


    I ran out of hiding places by the time Jake turned 4. He pretty much knew what he was getting every year after that, but he was still thrilled, so it was all okay! Great post, as always!

    • 14

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks so much Vikki and I am glad to know that isn't just me who struggles with coming up with creative solutions to hiding gifts and giving great responses for stuff like this :)

  7. 15

    Stephanie Sprenger says

    Such a sweet post, and funny, too! It is definitely a turning point when you can't sneak one over on your kiddos! Your hubby sounds like he is great at thinking on his feet. That is definitely not my strong suit, and I am a pathetic liar, too! Now time to watch that video…

    • 16

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Stephanie and happy to know that I am not the only lousy liar around these parts. Glad you enjoyed my post and do hope you enjoyed the video, too. I love those two girls, because they are so cute and funny!!

  8. 17

    Cyndi says

    Oh man, just like when you mentioned that time is going by so fast between thanksgiving and Christmas, the kiddos grow up in the blink of an eye. Funny how they change and grow in such a short time. Kevin's response was perfect.

    • 18

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Cyndi and it is just scary how fast time has been flying and how my kids really are just growing before my eyes. I totally agree about Kevin's response and thanked god for it!!

    • 20

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Michelle and time is seriously flying by me lately and so too are my kids growing up. Totally appreciate your kind words :)

  9. 21

    Melanie Chisnall says

    That Easy Bake oven looks awesome! Does it cook real food? Sorry – we don't have things like that here. I would have loved to have something like that when I was small! Lucky girls 😉 I don't envy you trying to hide everything though…I don't know how my parents got away with it when we were younger!

    • 22

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Melanie. From everything, I know The EasyBake Oven does cook real food, but I have been warned not very good. And even on here a few said that. So, we shall see, lol!! As for the hiding gifts, I still have a window thankfully, but I am sure by next year that too will be a thing of the past. Heaven help me!!

  10. 23

    Anne Kimball says

    Hi Janine, I’m
    Anne from Life on the Funny Farm
    (, and I’m visiting from Finding the
    Wow, deer in headlights is right! Being a parent to kids that age simply REQUIRES that you be able to think on your feet, doesn't it? Glad your knight in shining armor was able to swoop in to your rescue!

    thanks for the chuckle. If you’ve never
    visited yet, I hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say hi…

    • 24

      JanineHuldie says

      Oh thanks so much Anne(hi to you, too) and am going to stop by your site right now. I know I have to learn to be a better liar to my kids apparently, but just never truly been a good liar, lol :)

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