Barbie Dreamhouse Construction and The Best Google Has to Offer!!

It all started with a wish for a Barbie Dreamhouse!

So, it indeed all started so simple and innocently with a request to Santa for a Barbie Dreamhouse.  Last month, Kevin went through the DVDs in our house and sold them back to  In return, we received a $90 credit to use on their website to buy anything we wanted.  Kevin decided to use it for the Barbie Dreamhouse that Emma asked Santa for last week.  If you missed that one, read it here.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Here Is the Box. Notice Over 50 Pieces!!

When he placed the order, we signed up for a month of free Amazon Prime Shipping, so we didn’t have to incur a $30 shipping fee on this one (yes crazy $30 to ship Barbie’s Magnificent Dreamhouse).  When this huge box arrived two days later right on the label it stated that it contained over 55 pieces.  Seriously, I thought immediately that this could have the potential of turning quite ugly.  Ok secretly, I hoped to have a fun blog article out of this one (I mean doesn’t everyone think in terms of writing when they see something like this!).

What Happens When Putting Together the Barbie Dreamhouse:

Last night, Kevin finally decided to try to tackle this one and put it together once the girls went to sleep (this is what we do for fun, so sad).  He asked me to look up online more information about what others thought about the ease of or the lack thereof in putting this dreamhouse together.  I honestly was busy writing and dismissed his requests (yes, I am a bad wife).

This Is the Usual With My Husband and Directions (So Colored Me Surprised)!!

A little while later, I entered our living room and the dreamhouse was starting to take shape, but he was having trouble with the elevator (yes Barbie is worthy of an elevator, got to love it).  He had the directions sprawled out on our coffee table and believe it or not, he was trying to read and decipher them (a shock to me, because he usually is like many men in that he hates reading, asking or taking taking directions).  And for some reason, I kept playing the line from Back to The Future over and over at this point, “Roads where we are going, we don’t need roads” (or in this case directions).

Barbie Dreamhouse Elevator

The Elevator In The End

When he was hitting a brick wall in getting the elevator up and running, he asked me to Google if anyone else had similar issues and any advice I could find (more shock that he was willing to take someone else’s advice).  Believe it or not I didn’t find all that much except to make sure the fireplace (the girl even gets her very own fireplace!) is in position on one site and that should help in putting the elevator correctly (boring and not very good graphics, so not worthy of getting an inclusion here).

But then, I also found this here if you too bought this monstrosity dreamhouse and would like more information.  I will say this apparently Kevin was doing the right thing according to this video about putting together the dreamhouse ahead of time before Christmas morning.  In the video, they even let us know, if we did put together the dreamhouse to put the stickers on ahead of time, too.  Seriously have you met my kids, because they would have gone through those stickers faster than you could say gone if we didn’t do it beforehand!  Oh and these stickers would have been all over them and my house, too (no thank you).  And now I am thanking god for small favors I suppose.  But do watch this video (totally worthy of a few laughs) on this page, these two are having way too much fun playing with their kid’s toy before the kid even got a chance (god I would love to know where these two had the time or the energy).

About an hour later, the dreamhouse was pretty much all put together and just needed to be put back in our garage hidden out of sight until Christmas morning.  All-in-all, it wasn’t as good of a show as I’d hoped for, but still had its moments.  Kevin’s attempt at being funny in the end was when he told me, “You thought you’d have a good blog article out of this, but you didn’t so suck it,” when he got the thing pretty much completed elevator and all!

Completed Barbie Dreamhouse

Completed Barbie Dreamhouse

So I eat my words, he got the Barbie Dreamhouse completed and done with very little cursing or even much problems.  But now the real fun begins, when they have to play with it.  Will this thing hold up to Kevin’s construction?  Time will only tell!  Oh and by the way I got my blog article, no thanks to him (no fun Kevin) but thanks in part to good old fashioned Google searches (still humming Barbie Girl)!

Ok, I know I pimped this video before, but I couldn’t stop thinking about these two little girls and their Barbie (Toys R Us) shopping spree.  So, I am sharing it again, well because I can:

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  1. 1

    Bill says

    Oh God I don't miss those days of putting stuff together for my son, and yes, there was a lot of cursing when I did it. :) Way to go, Kevin!

    • 2

      JanineHuldie says

      Bill, I have to tell you I was very impressed by Kevin and how he did this with very little issue (except for the elevator). He would do anything for our girls, but he isn't always the most handy, but i am impressed he is getting better in his old age, lol!!

    • 4

      JanineHuldie says

      Steph, Kevin was so much like this, but will say because it is for the girls, he will try his best and I am thankful for small favors. That said I was secretly hoping for a funny post out of this, but oh well, lol!!

  2. 5


    Janine – I remember the days I paid people to put things like that together. Funny, I never missed the frustration. The few things I did tackle weren't that difficult, but back then, the things I inhaled made most efforts a challenge. At least you gave hubby something to brag about at work today! lol Good post!

    • 6

      JanineHuldie says

      Lol, Richard. He seriously was so proud of himself and hope when he does read, he will see I was kind and gave him a nice shout out here as for his fatherly deed :)

  3. 7

    Cyndi says

    Glad Kevin got all that sorted out, hehe. Golly if there's ever a question, just "google" it, lol. Your girls are going to be so happy and I'm glad you got a blog post from all that. LOL.

    • 8

      JanineHuldie says

      Lol, Cyndi. I agree about Google and so interesting what you can find on there!! That said this doll house s all Emma has spoken about. Even yesterday, she was pretend writing her list to Santa and kept saying, "She was a good girl and wanted Barbie's Dollhouse and The Easy Bake Oven." Kind of excited to see her face on Christmas morning now :)

  4. 11

    Emily says

    Believe it or not, I am often the one who assembles toys with 5 million steps to put together…like those lego sets with thousands of pieces — aahh! Kevin sounds like he rose to the occasion and did a stellar job, but don't worry I'm sure you'll get another blog post out of him soon.:)

    • 12

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Emily and he read this one before and the first thing he said was, "It is about time I get a blog post again", lol!! Seriously, he loves when I write about him and gets all proud of whatever it is :) :) By the way, I was the one that used to put stuff together, like the bouncers and activity centers when they were smaller, too!!

  5. 13


    I know this is a tough one and time consuming. My daughter got the dream house for Christmas last year from her grandparents and Dave had to put it together, on the spot of Christmas Day. There was frustration…he kept the cursing to a minimum though cause the kids were around. :) I hope your girls love it!

    • 14

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Amy and I am sure they are going to love this one, because Emma literally talks about this house everyday now multiple times. I feel for Dave though having to put this together on the spot, because I saw just how complicated it was first hand. My hat goes off to him :)

  6. 15

    Dani Ryan says

    OMG!!!! That's so cool! I can't wait to do these things. Your girls are going to be so happy on Christmas!!!!

    Oh, and I can just picture my husband putting this together and swearing about it. :)

    • 16

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Dani and this is why I love you, because you just get it and your house sounds so similar to ours!! Seriously, the only reason Kevin did it beforehand was that he didn't want the kids hearing him curse, lol!!

    • 18

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Rachel and I truly hope so. Emma has really been talking about this doll house non-stop and cannot wait to see the look on her face when she lays her eyes on it :)

  7. 19

    Meredith says

    Ugh! Sounds like a beast to put together, but I can only imagine how excited your little girls will be on Christmas morning! Take loads of video and pictures–we want to see them. And that elevator? The coolest! :)

    • 20

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Meredith. I will do my best to get video of them and know it is probably going to be a world wind here, because I they are already so excited and just can't wait. The elevator after put together really was pretty awesome and wish I had one of those, lol :)

  8. 21


    I would LOVE to have a Barbie Dream House. I remember my rich friend that had one when I was little. I was so jealous. And she never wanted to play with it because she was bored with it. Maybe she wasn't rich, maybe just spoiled. Either way, I didn't realize what went into putting the stinking thing together. Crazy!

  9. 22


    Wow!!! That looks so cool! Especially the elevator. Man, the stuff kids get today. It's not fair! Lol 😉 Sure your two girls will be over the moon with it and have a ball playing with it.

    • 23

      JanineHuldie says

      Lol, Melanie. I am sure they will love it and will probably be obsessed with it at first and totally agree with them having such awesome toys!!!

  10. 24

    Kenya Johnson says

    I had a barbie dream house that I think my mom wanted me to have more that I wanted it. I wasn't that into dolls I just enjoyed doing their hair. Anyway my husband will read instructions to DEATH. I am the one that will try to figure it and and then put a piece on in the wrong place then break it while righting my wrong. SMH.

    • 25


      Lol, Kenya usually I am pretty good at reading directions, but this dollhouse was so not getting put together by me. Thank god Kevin got it done and right. We recently bought them Barbie MegaBlocks sets. If I thought this was bad, that was the absolute worst. I did about 5 minutes worth before calling in for reinforcements in the form of Kevin and my brother, too lol!!

  11. 26


    I remember a couple Christmases ago, we ( my husband and I) stayed up until 3 AM putting a silly kitchen together. We went from cordial, to snippy, to arguing, to laughing, to being total goof balls. Some instructions are horrible. (Talu)

    • 27


      That was us this past Christmas. Even though Kevin put this house together before, I had to put the stickers on that night, while he was finishing putting the craft table together. Omg, with the amount of curses that night and then ended in laughter, too :) Thanks Debbie!!

  12. 28

    Christine (in the co says

    Not only do I think in terms of "this could be a post" but my family does, too. You just can't help it.
    The house looked great. Did the thing stay together after the kids got hold of it?

    • 29


      Oh so true Christina and my husband now jokes that anything the girls or he does will turn out to be my next post. I always joke back that he will need to keep posted and check my site, lol!! As for the doll house it did stay together and they still play with it!! Amazing :)

  13. 30

    Chris HyeThymeCafe says

    Just shows what nice parents you are … I'm still having nightmares of assembling my own when I was a kid LOL. Truth be told, I was more interested in building furniture for it and sewing clothes for her than the house itself, so maybe it's just as well – The elevator was pretty cool though. :)

    • 31


      Oh thanks Chris and I never did have on of these as a child, because there is no way my dad would have built this for me, because he just didn't have the patience!! That elevator is pretty damn cool though and seeing it in action now understand why kids want this house!! :)

  14. 32

    Anne Kimball says

    Janine, what a nightmare! Glad it turned out OK. I am so glad my kids are beyond the toy assembly stage!

    Thanks for linking this up with the TALU!

  15. 34

    Kristi Campbell says

    hahah that he told you to suck it because you thought you'd have a good blog article out of it. And look at you – you did anyway! Awesome :) All toy assembly sucks. Even the getting the stuff out of the box part. Why oh why does that have to be SO hard??
    Linking up here from TALU today.

    • 35


      Oh thanks Kristi. I just so couldn't resist and really kept thinking this is so going to be a blog article (just couldn't shake that feeling, lol!!) And I know the getting the parts out of the box and even toys themselves sometimes they make it way too difficult to get out of the damned box!! :)

    • 37


      Nellie, thank god for Kevin, because secretly not sure I would have had the patience for this. As for the stickers, they were a whole other issue unto itself, but as painful as they were to put in the proper places on the house, still agree in the end – better to have put them on the house beforehand! 😉


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