Potty Training Bites…

Potty training bites the big one.  No truer phrase has ever been spoken or written for me.  I have spoken in depth on this blog about this topic via my younger daughter, Lily.  When I first starting blogging religiously a few months ago, Lily was still in diapers and hadn’t begun the potty journey.

Then, she exhibited all the classic signs that she was most likely ready to begin using the toilet and if you missed it you can read it here.  Next, I even asked my readers for their opinion here.  The majority ruled and agreed, she was ready.

By the time, I began blogging my older daughter, Emma was already 3 years old, was fully potty trained in underwear and not having very many accidents at all.  She did have one quirk, which was that was the use of her princess potty seat insert and if you didn’t read about that, you can here.  But finally with the help of her pre-school teachers, she gave up the potty seat insert and uses the toilet, as she puts it like “A big girl” and can read more about that here.

For those that do read my blog, you can also attest to the fact that my girls are my world, but do keep me on my toes quite often and pretty much daily (sometimes all day and night long).

So, this actually occurred a little over a week ago and just had to share even if it is a bit late in the game before the year actually ended. By the way, Christmas time was upon us at this point and Gingerbread the Elf was still reporting back daily to Santa Claus in the house, yet the little people or my beastly ladies still were finding it necessary to drive me stark raving mad.

Between the normal temper tantrums, lack of a nap for Lily while Emma was at pre-school and their overall crazy ways (hell they are kids, so this is nothing new), the day was shaping up to be truly insane.

This Sounds About Right…

When Emma got out of school, she fell asleep in the back seat of the car.  I carried her in the house and she woke up pretty quickly.  Lily told me she needed to go to potty at this point.  So, I took her in the bathroom.  She was sitting on the toilet, when Emma came in doing the potty dance and saying she had to go, too.

Next thing I knew she stood there and it was like a faucet was turned on full speed.  She let loose all over the bathroom floor.  Well, Emma was in shock and began to bawl, because I truly don’t remember the last time she had an accident and for her this was humiliating.  I felt terrible for, please don’t get me wrong, but was frustrated to that she waited until the very last minute.  Then, of course for good measure, Lily joined in and cried her eyes out for good measure.  When asked why she was crying too she said, “Because Emma is crying.”  Give the kid credit, she is a loyal sister.

But here is the thing, I now had two bawling kids, a lake on my bathroom floor and simply a fine mess on my hands.  What did I do first?  I calmed Emma down, while cleaning her up and changing her clothes.  I, then, turned my attention to Lily who still sitting on the toilet.  She had gone potty and needed to get down.  So, I helped her.  Then, I made sure that neither of the girls stepped in aforementioned lake.  Got a towel and mopped up that lake, before mopping the floor with a mop.

This was all before dinner and baths for the girls. Seriously, by the time my dinner was over, I was ready for a nap, but no such luck, because still had tons to do.  I finally was sitting for a few minutes around 7:30, when I Emma comes over to me and says, “Lily pooped in her pants and is taking them off.”

My first thought is you have to be kidding me (plus add in a four letter word that starts with ‘f’ and ends with a ‘g’ before kidding).  But I calmly get up to check and sure enough Lily is hobbling my way with her pants and pull-up around her ankles and poop on her hand.

When asked what the hell she was doing (ok I didn’t actually say hell, but I sure was thinking it), Lily told me, “Cleaning myself”.  She apparently knew that she wasn’t supposed to poop in her pants anymore and was trying to take care of the problem herself.

Needless to say, I had to now clean Lily up and change her, too.  Seriously, one too many wardrobe changes in one day, messes and potty issues that I seriously wish I had never heard the term potty train.  But here I am, indeed, in the middle of potty training hell with a two year old and a three year old who just holds it to the very last second, because that is how she rolls.

God help me, but I cannot wait for this milestone or phase to be behind us.  I know everyone says one day I will laugh about this and sure hope so, because right now I feel more like screaming than laughing.  By the way, Emma truly is so very good with this for her age and know I shouldn’t be complaining, but I guess when I have Lily added to this mix too (having them so close in age), I just can’t help myself.  After all is said and done though that is why I feel potty training plain bites!

A side note, since this is being posted on New Year’s Eve, I just want to wish everyone yet again a very, Happy New Year and hope that 2013 brings only the best for you!!  If you didn’t catch my year in review that I posted this past weekend, then click here or my 2013 goals for this blog, then click here.  But I figured since 2012 isn’t officially over that I could share the story above about one of my recent days (oh the joys of parenting!!), because potty training was a huge part of 2012 and my blog.  So hope you enjoyed (as crazy it may have been) and see you in 2013!!!

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      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks and glad to know I am not alone. I haven't had 9 years of diapers, but doing this 2 years in a row has made me less than thrilled I suppose and also can't wait for it to be completely behind me. Happy New Year again Steph!!!

  1. 3


    I would offer my own (semi) parallel experience, with our first dog Ola.

    Very young and not house broken (see? I did promise a parallel…of sorts) in any event, Ola was also in the 'chew everything/anything' stage. Our solution: our kitchen is a small 'galley' kitchen with nothing but cabinets, refrigerator and stove and vinyl floor. Naturally we thought, lets pen her in there! What kind of trouble can she get into?
    (Home at 5:30) I came upon Ola, sitting in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by pieces of vinyl flooring, big pieces and little pieces. The look on her face (for those with dogs will know) was, "Hi! Look what I accomplished today!"

    I said the only thing there was to say, "What a busy day you've had today! Good girl!!" and, of course Ola did her wag tail-turn in small circles welcome.

    A prosperous, productive and good 2013 to you and the entire family unit.

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      JanineHuldie says

      Clark, your dog actually sounds bit like our family dog when I was a kid. My mom will always tell the story about one 4th of July, when the dog was left by himself. He went a bit crazy listening to fireworks and tore the partition in one of the doorways apart and it looked like someone got murdered in our house. Lucky he was Ok in the end, but kids and dogs can definitely give us a good run for our money. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

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    Kat Biggie says

    Oh I HATE potty training! One of the WORST experiences of having young children! I have 2 down and the other one probably won't start for at least 6 months to a year, so I'm enjoying this reprieve!!! Hang in there. It took for ever to train my son, but they get it eventually!

    • 6

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks for sharing Kate and will be there for you when you start with your second. I just hope to be pretty much done here though with it!! Happy New Year!!!

  3. 9

    Emily says

    Oh I'm sooo with you on this…even though it was years ago that I went through this, it's still so fresh in my mind when you bring this subject up. One of my kids had this "talent" for pooping in his underwear only when we were out in public, usually shopping in a store that did not have a clean bathroom. My son would just go in his pants without warning….it was sooo frustrating (and messy!). We went through lots of underwear…I hope your 2013 will be "accident-free"!!

    • 10

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks seriously Emily for sharing and making me feel a bit better here. I have been lucky with the pooping so far for the most part. Lily has had an issue twice and one of them was the one mentioned above. But still, this has to be one of the worst parents of parenting (at least in their early years). That said thanks again and Happy New Year!!!

  4. 11

    Kera says

    I don't have a potty-training girl quite yet…maybe we'll start thinking about it when she turns 2, but this post made me laugh. So thanks for that :) Happy New Year mama!

    • 12

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Kera and happy to make you laugh a bit. Seriously, I have to laugh, because otherwise I would go crazy!! But seriously Happy New Year again to you and your family!!

  5. 13

    Melanie says

    The fact that you are able to write about these things with such humour and lightness amazes me! You are doing great! Keep going superwoman – can't wait to see what 2013 holds for you! Loving the little pink flowers against the grey background. Very pretty :)

    • 14

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks Melanie for saying such kinds things here about how I deal with stuff like this, as well as my new background. Still tweaking here and a bit, but I admit I am liking it, too myself!! Happy New Year again!!

  6. 15

    Jane Marsh says

    (Cyberhug). Accidents are common for years after the munchkins are potty trained (but hey, you've got girls: the boys are, generally, even harder!), but just because you know it's normal doesn't make it any more frustrating! Like one of the other commentators said, kudos on treating it with lightness and humour already.

    • 16

      JanineHuldie says

      Thanks for the hugs Jane. Totally appreciate the kindness and I guess logistically speaking I can see it better easier for girls overall. That isn't to say it is for all, but still thankful that even though we have moments like above it isn't all bad. Happy New Year again!!

  7. 17

    Kelly Steele says

    Ok, so one benefit of my son holding his poop is that I DEF don't have to worry about experiences where he would be holding poop in his hand. I have to bribe him with cookies to put on a diaper and go… long story how we got here, but anyway, potty training does bite the big one. I have had to do it twice now as I did once and the daycare ruined it for me by scaring him (enter poop holding phase grrr). Then, when I did it a second time, my mom started ruining it for me and I just gave in and started giving cookies every time he peed… I hate using food rewards, but oh well. Hopefully he'll forget some day. Sorry about your bad day, but I'm totally there with you (minus the poop in hand) 😉

    • 18

      JanineHuldie says

      Oh Kelly, I am so sorry you have had your moments on this one too. A huge thank you for sharing this here with me. I have heard about regression stories and am hoping not to go through any here, but one never knows I guess. Huge hugs your way and Happy New Year again!!

  8. 19

    Terrye says

    And everyone wonders why I like raising boys instead. lol I'm sorry you are having the poopy adventure from hell, Janine! When you have grandkids, you'll look back at this and laugh and laugh and laugh. 😀

  9. 21

    Cyndi says

    Love the background and sorry you're spending the last day of 2012 cleaning pants. But, um, they say it's all worth it in the end, right? Hehe.

    • 22

      JanineHuldie says

      Lol, thanks Cyndi and I guess someday I will will maybe agree that this was all worth it!! Happy New Year again!!!

  10. 23


    I know how you feel, I remember pottytraining all too well. Not looking to going through that again, lol! We're still ironing out the kinks with my almost 4 year old. She holds it in when we are out and when she's at school because she wants to go at home. And everything has to be exactly right. She has to turn the light on, put the potty seat on, pull down her pants, and hop on. And she has to do it all in that order and ALL BY HERSELF.

    • 24


      Camille, you made me laugh, because 3 1/2 year old says, "I Do It All By Myself" constantly and now the 2 year old is following suit!! So I can totally relate to that. Seriously glad to know I am not alone and seems I am in pretty good company with you, too. Thanks :) :)

  11. 25

    Erika Bragdon says

    Oh my goodness, I can just picture that, Janine. I have had my share of those moments – NOT fun! I still have to potty train my youngest, Luke, who will be 2 next week. I'm hoping to do that this summer. I am with you – I can't wait until the potty training phase is beyond us.

    • 26


      Erika, thank you so very much for sharing and I know I said it before, but cannot wait for potty training to be done and behind us in this house. We are I guess getting there, but just slowly. I wish you luck with Luke and will be there to listen to your stories when the time come :) :)

  12. 27

    Rebecca says

    We had the same issue, little one thought she needed a dum dum every time she pooped. I was beginning to be afraid she'd be requiring a sucker every time she pooped for the rest of our lives! I started a sticker chart. For every two poops she got a sucker. Then every three, then four. You get the idea. It took about a month and she no longer even mentions a sucker. Hope that helps.

    • 28


      Thanks Rebecca for your input. We tried stickers with my first and she loved the stickers, but still really didn't put the two together for some reason. For her it took just going cold turkey in underwear one day. She had two accidents and then pretty much was good to go. Ironically my younger has truly been my easier of the two and just turned two and have followed her lead on potty training. Thanks again :) :)

    • 29

      Kelly Steele says

      Thanks for your insight! Mind is quite a whipper snapper… once when we took the cookies away he said he felt like peeing on the floor then and did! We did get them to go away now, but repeatedly reinforcing with every cookie that the box was almost gone and then they would be all gone. He said we'll get more at the store, but I said, "oh no remember these are special cookies that Santa brought in your stocking and we can't get anymore." He sort of has dropped it but at least has dropped choosing to pee on the floor lol!

      • 30


        Kelly, you just made me glad I have girls, lol!! Actually Emma used to do almost the same thing (minus the peeing on the floor) with M&M's, telling us we could get more at the store!! Got to love the things they come out with!!

  13. 31

    Jelli says

    Thank you for sharing with the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week, Janine! Hope your littles are treating you like a queen this weekend.


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