50 Shades of Poop Obsessed For Moms and Dawn’s Disaster January Sponsors Giveaway

Just another day of blog hops, when I was reading some different linked up blogs from the Raising Imperfection Blog Hop that I was co-hosting this past weekend, when I came to one titled “50 Shades of Poop”.

Pretty sure E.L. James Didn’t Mean This When Writing Her Now Infamous Book…

Perfect title especially with the current craze of legions of women who have read the book that the actual title was taken from (I don’t suppose E.L. James was going for this when she penned this book, but I digress). Anyway in a nutshell, the article talked about an incident that had occurred to TJ one of the mom bloggers on the Chi-Town Mommy Mayhem, about her infant child waking her during the night having pretty much blown out his diaper from what I like to call a poop explosion.

Being a mother to two little girls, who are thankfully out of the diaper phase, I could still relate. And honestly the first thing that came to mind and I even commented about was a similar experience we had had with Emma (our older daughter), when she was right around 6 months old. It was during the day and I remember she had been playing a bit, when I smelled that all-so familiar smell. I went to go change her, only there was so much poop that a box of wipes would not have solved this problem. I mean there was poop in places I didn’t think possible. It took two people (Kevin and I) to assess the damage and quickly come to the realization that this was a job that called for the bathtub. Being that Emma was small and tiny for her age, she either got sponge baths on her changing table or baths in the little baby tub still. No sir, this was not going to cut it. She ended up stripped down to her birthday suit getting a full-on bath in our tub for the very first time.

Not The Exact Time The Poop Incident Happened, But This Was Right Around That Time…

Long story short, after almost 3 years, I still remember that and don’t think I will ever forget it, but the thing that gets me the most about this is the actual topic of poop (or any bodily function) for most mothers (myself included) and how we think and talk about it all the time, once we are mothers. What does that mean? Well, quite simple, I don’t think a day has gone by since I brought Emma home from the hospital that I haven’t gone without talking about or dealing with some kind of poop issue.

Here are just a few and won’t bore you or gross you out too much more. As an infant Emma had bad constipation from only a few days old from lactose based formula (yes she wouldn’t latch, so no breast feeding here). We switched her to soy, only to have her pooping every hour on the hour (yup a lovely by product of a soy allergy). And this folks was only the first month of her life.

I can go on, we have had issues with both our kids throughout the three plus years of parenting. Like the time, I gradually switched Lily over to milk at a year old and once she was fully on milk, the child that was never constipated to put it bluntly was suddenly crapping marbles (yes I couldn’t make this up if I tried). To just last week (for those who read me sorry to repeat myself here), Lily who is now fully potty trained had a stomach bug and stood in the doorway of the kitchen, telling me she had to poop, only to have had diarrhea all over and yet more fun times in the bath for yet another child.

So it all goes back to one major task that most pediatricians lay on mothers and that is , as new moms, we are told to track our kids peeing and pooping occurrences (there are even iPad apps that will do this for us–how very convenient, I suppose). Seriously, if you aren’t a parent, you probably are saying, “Are you kidding me?” No I am totally serious and still think in these terms with my kids even though they aren’t babies, because I still worry about poor Emma, who started out with constipation and probably always will have issues. Hey, I am a mom through and through and this is just my job.

So seriously, poop is just an everyday part of my life, like it or not. If you don’t believe me, I will leave you with a funny Lily quote from earlier today (see even my kids are poop obsessed, too!).

Here Is The Face That Looked Up At Me…

I was making chocolate milk. I poured the milk into their Tinker Bell cups from the Disney Store (because god forbid my princess/fairy crazed girls drink from anything less). As I got to squeezing the Hershey’s Syrup in their milk, it sounded like the container was farting, because it was almost at the end. Hey before you go judging me, I had a new bottle, but was trying to finish the last of this one off before opening the new one. Waste not, want not!! Well, the little face standing next to me clear as day said, “Excuse me.” Seriously, at the very least I guess, I should be happy that she at least has manners, where this stuff is concerned!!

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  1. 1

    The Next Step says

    hahaha, that's hilarious. Poop is certainly a part of our lives and I just wrote the other day about how the twins knock me backwards with the smells from their nether regions. Gah! Great story, thanks for sharing!

    • 2


      Lori, my pleasure someone for sharing something so gross, but so true. And if it weren't for kids, we would never be having these types of conversations, but alas kids make us do crazy things, lol!!

  2. 3


    Janine – The things I could say right now … but won't! Whatta topic! Only you could write such a blog and get away with it! lol I can see me trying to do the same thing, "Well, I followed my wife to the bathroom the other day and you wouldn't believe what came out of her!" (No, we have no small animals in the house.) But you can do it and get away with it! I bow to your talents!

    • 4


      Lol, Richard. I couldn't resist and know it is a taboo topic in most circles, but for moms it is anything but and we have it so ingrained in us that it is second nature to talk and think about daily. But will say this, you had me of course cracking up about tracking your wife. Seriously Richard, you are my hero and bow to you :) :)

  3. 5

    Kat Biggie says

    Oh the poop stories. Am having my own poop nightmares right now as all my kids are dropping with a disgusting stomach bug! I entered the giveaway – that is a very creative thing to give away sponsor spots! Good for you!

  4. 7

    Kera says

    Haha I love this. I think all mothers have been up to their eyeballs in poop at some point or another. And I actually think 50 Shades of Grey should be called 50 Shades of Poop. I think people are crazed about that book because they want everyone to think that they are sex goddesses or something lol. Well…let me tell you something, I'm a mommy goddess! LOL.

    • 8


      Oh Kera am so with you on this and think you may totally be onto to something with what 50 Shades should have been called and love that you are a mommy goddess. You go girl!!! :) :)

  5. 9


    A wonderful post Janine as always ; told so naturally that I could have been sat beside you. Have a wonderful day and lots of love from my little corner of Wales.
    Have a wonderful day.


  6. 11

    Bill says

    I was the one who changed Tyler's diaper. It made my wife the nurse sick. LOL

    Thanks for the memories; great blog posting.

    • 12


      Happy to bring back memories and will say Kevin and I shared the dirty diaper duty (when he was home from work). So, I can't complain on that end, just still can't believe how much of my life has revolved around this since having kids. I guess this post was a bit of an aha moment for me on that one. Thanks Bill!! :)

  7. 13

    Rachel Harper says

    When I was 20 I had a brand new cousin and was in church playing with him. All was well until I heard this gigantic, watery fart in the middle of the Lord's Prayer. Within seconds poop was crawling out of his diaper, up his back, and staining his clothes. I swiftly and aggressively passed him to my mother.

    • 14


      Thanks Rachel for sharing and so would I have if it weren't mine. Seriously, it was times like those that I wished that I could do just that and pass the baby, but sadly when they are yours there is no one to pass them off to, lol!! :)

  8. 19

    Stacy Harris says

    Ok… now I have to admit… as a mommy of 3 kids… my life seems to be centered around poop as well. Thankfully though, all my kids are now potty trained and I don't have to deal with it nearly as much. That being said, when my youngest, Max, was born, he had issues pooping. He just wouldn't go. Well, the doctor wanted a sample. So I ask – how do you get a sample when the kid doesn't go and when he does, there is so little, the diaper socks it up. I would love to tell you that I didn't sit in a shower with him for 4 hours waiting for him to poop in a plastic cup since I needed every single drop. I got peed on more times then I cared to admit… and as for the poop… I didn't get a drop! Luckily… he is doing much better now!

    • 20


      Stacy, Emma did have a hard time pooping, too as I had said, but never had to that surprisingly. I knew someone that had to do a urine catch sample for the one year old checkup and the kid had to have a bag attached down there and was thankful our doctor didn't do that, but seriously the things we have to do for our kids and their bodily functions, lol!!

  9. 21

    Ruchira says

    Great story and honestly it is not gross, Janine. Every household with kid has to go through it…lol

    Clicked on your mommy blog and will enter for the giveaway :)

  10. 23


    Great giveaway idea – and the story? Well I agree with Ruchira- most households with kids have a story or two like it. I loved the title of this blog post. Had me cracking up!

    • 24


      Thanks Julie and hope you entered. I couldn't resist and totally agree that most homes with kids have their fair share of poop talk and stories. Seems to be a hazard of the the job, lol!! As for the title, I loved it and when I saw it had to go with using it, too!!

  11. 27

    Dani Ryan says

    Hahahahaha. Yup, it's on my mind all the time, too. And because my child prefers fruits to any other kind of food, all dirty diapers are a 1-pack-of-wet-wipes kind of deal. Sigh.

    • 28


      Dani, sounds like how Lily was, because she wouldn't eat much as a toddler and would end up giving her more fruits than anything else. Can so relate and those types of diapers are so not pretty, lol!!

  12. 29

    Kristy @ Shona Skye says

    Hi, Janine! New RSS follower from Dawn's Disaster sponsor giveaway! Would love to have you follow me back if you get a sec!

    Have a great one!

  13. 31

    Melanie Chisnall says

    Hehehe, I was actually thinking and said aloud, "Oh my goodness" when you mentioned the iPhone application for keeping track of pooping times. Sounds so weird to me, but I guess that's because I'm not a mom. Can see how that would help though! You've got a very well mannered daughter right there! ;)

    • 32


      Oh thanks Melanie and seriously still can't believe that either with the iPhone app, but swear it is true. As for Lily, she does have some good manners, especially while she is having a temper tantrum and screaming 'please', at the same time, lol!!! :)

  14. 33

    Stephanie @ Mommy, f says

    That was hysterical! I can *so* relate; I am frequently lamenting the fact that we talk about poop. All. The. Time. in our house. ;)

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