Go Big or Go Home: Lily Style…

Go big or go home. That is Lily’s motto for most things in life. At two years old, this little person amazes me so very much. Not that Emma doesn’t, but Emma is truly my quiet and more even tempered soul. Lily, on the other had, is known to be in a room where ever she is. Take, for instance, today’s latest incident with Lily.

Lily was playing with my iPhone and still watches Mickey Mouse Christmas on there every chance she can get even though Christmas is well in the past now. She even will repeat some of the lines with Santa. It is really very cute. Well, it had just ended for the 1,234,456,789 time and saw my opportunity to get her to take a bath (every once in awhile she needs to get hosed down!).

I got her in the bathroom, by the way, as she hit replay (yes she knows how to do this). She used the toilet and got undressed while still watching this episode. Even though it was now in the middle of the same episode, she had indeed seen too many damn times, I tried to get her to put down the iPhone long enough to bathe her.

Here is close to what I got at this point from Lily…

Let’s just say, she was truly displeased and let everyone in a ten mile radius know this fact. She screamed and cried getting into the bath, taking a bath, drying off, getting dressed. She pretty much was vocal about this situation for a good ten minutes. When she was finally dressed and thought she could get back my iPhone, she quieted down, slowly waked over to it and tried to snatch it back without being noticed.

I proceeded to take the phone and told her she wasn’t playing with it for a few minutes, because of how she misbehaved. Well, the screeching Lily returned and was sent to time out on the couch. She huffed and puffed all the way to the couch, but was told to remain on that couch until she was quiet.

Once she was indeed quiet, she asked about my iPhone and was informed by me that it was off limits for the night for how she behaved, but could play with her LeapPad if she wanted. She took me up on the offer and stayed quiet.

I was sitting checking my e-mail a few minutes later, when Lily walked over calmly and said, “I am sorry mommy. Can I give you a hug and a kiss?”

I swear this came out of nowhere and was done all on her own (kind of shocking and astounding in her own right). I can’t tell you how this kid went from ticking me off and making me want to throttle her only ten minutes earlier to wanting to hug her and never let her go. She really blew me away how she did that all on her own. I have taught her early on how to say, please, thank you and I am sorry. I guess she even at this young age learned how and even when she needs to say I am sorry. A feat which to me is nothing truly short of amazing. I know she is mine and probably a bit prejudice here, but can’t help, but be a bit proud of her even if I took having a meltdown of mega proportions to get this out of her.

I will say this though in the end, “The girl has spunk.” Of course, I am no Lou Grant (Mary Tyler Moore Reference, yes I am old and watched a lot of re-runs), mainly because I don’t dislike her spunk, but actually kind of like it (except for when it is over the top), but still life is never dull with her and even Emma will tell you “This is Just Lily!”

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  1. 1

    Rita Abitabile says

    That's my Lily! She is spunky and her own little person. We all just love her and Emma so much. And you are an incredible Mom…you can truly do it all, Janine!

  2. 5

    Melanie Chisnall says

    I love reading about your girls, and hearing about what they do and how they're growing up. You must be such a proud mommy! :)

  3. 12


    I love her spunk and what a sweet story…my youngest does the same thing. If he knows he has misbehaved, he'll come over to me, say he's sorry and ask for a hug and tells me he loves me. Melts my heart every time!!

    • 13


      Lol, must be a younger sibling attribute, because I swear to god I could never picture Emma doing this. She is so much more reserved and even when she does have her moments it is more pathetic (like she did something wrong and doesn't want to get in trouble) and not over the top. So interesting to see their different personalities and sure you can totally relate :) :)

  4. 14

    Rachel Harper says

    You are going to have your hands full with that one, but she'll make your life even more exciting than you ever thought! I love reading about your kids.

  5. 16

    Ruchira says

    oh these brats. They get us all emotional and know how to press the right buttons.

    she is adorable!

    I have voted for ya on the mommy blog. Hoping you get back up :)

    • 19


      Oh thank Julie and you know I can't seem to say that enough to you. I am trying. Probably a bit obsessed and Kevin has told me this numerous times, but just having so much fun playing around with different ideas for my blog :) :)

  6. 20

    Dani Ryan says

    Awwww, that's so cute! My child is obsessed with my iPhone, too. Fortunately, I have an OLD iPhone that I let her play with all the time, but she still spends 85% of her day trying to reach up and grab mine. Ridiculous. But like you, I have my moments where I have to take all of these gadgets away, even if it means she's going to fuss and shout. :)

    • 22


      Oh Dani and (as Jane said), I had an older blackberry at one point and same here, they knew and wanted no part. My iPhone is the it thing and Lily will go as far as telling me when she wants it, "I want my phone". No joke, she is too and it is her phone not mine, lol!!

  7. 23

    Meredith says

    Break my heart! How could you possibly stay mad at that sweet face, especially with that precious apology? She's too cute :)

  8. 25

    Jane Marsh says

    I always think that the best thing about spunky, self-assertive kids is that they're not going to do stupid things just because their friends tell them to. (They'll be the one getting other people's kids in trouble. 😛 )

  9. 26


    Ugh, so cute!! It is hilarious with kids, how you can go from wanting to shake them, to remembering they are the most precious beings in this world. And omg, that little red nose and pouty lip!

    • 27


      Oh thanks Michele. I know trust me as much as I love her in the moment of screaming I truly could have throttled her, but then she turns around and takes me heart away. She is good and will give her that, lol :)

  10. 32


    Love this. My little one is spunky, too, while the big one is quiet and a daddy's girl to boot. Must be something about being younger one that forces them to make their preferences known.

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