New Year’s Day or Groundhog’s Day: Around Here One Can’t Be Too Sure…

Out with the old and in with the new. It is a brand new year, month, day and year. I got up New Year’s Day or January 1st, 2013, feeling it is indeed a new beginning of sorts. I thought for sure something would be new or at least different (oh how wrong I was).

I hopped online, while everyone was still sleeping. This was the first thing that was the same as every other day. I do have a tendency to live on my MacBook and the internet quite a bit during my awake hours, but that is neither here nor there. Still, I feel all that much better getting my day started this way.

As I was finishing up some last minute things, such as update my daily blog post, because as most know now I am too lame and old to stay up past 1 am from yesterday’s post. Therefore, Ted was not watched as I originally anticipated. But ok, I digress on that one and promise not to mention that again at least for now!!

I also caught up on the few rare blog posts that were somehow still published during the night, even though it was New Year’s Eve night. I guess other’s do as I do and celebrate the New Year working on their blog. I mean, who doesn’t??

As I was doing this, I heard the pitter-patter of little feet. Emma came strolling into the living room and got under the blanket with me, while I indeed finished up. We snuggled for a bit. Which was very warm, comfy and cozy. Definitely felt like a good start to this new year to me (I was just being lulled into a false sense of security here).

This Is How Lily Views Her Blankie…

Just like that the quiet and the magical spell of 2013 was broken, when crying and whining came from the other room. Lily was awake!! And she wanted everyone to know it (yes this is just Lily). She cried for the usual, Kevin, her cup of juice, and even her beloved blankie. If you met Lily, you would see how attached she is to her pink, Winnie the Pooh blanket. She reminds me of Linus from Peanuts and walks around carrying her blankie in the morning when she first wakes. She is truly not a morning person. She dragged her upset self and blankie into our bed, where Kevin still had been sleeping (that was the end of his peaceful sleep for the day).

As I climbed back in our queen size bed (not sure why with all the crying and screaming), I thought quite possibly Lily would tire herself out and quiet may reign again. No such luck, because not only was Lily still crying, Emma decided to join in, because she wanted to lay in the spot Lily was now occupying (still too young to realize that two objects/people can’t occupy the same space). Kevin was not a happy camper either, having been woken this way (seriously not sure what makes him so special that he would think they would let him sleep in).

Here is the scene as it appeared. Kevin on his side of the bed grumbling and threatening to go to work (even though he had the day off), the girls in the middle crying and fighting (the usual), and then me on my side (wishing I could go back to sleep and wake up out of this nightmare). It wasn’t even 8:30, the day’s first meltdown was underway and we were totally in over our heads as usual.

Nothing had changed as you can clearly see from the above. All the resolutions, I could have made wouldn’t have made a difference to the two screaming beasts in the middle of the bed. So, truly happy I don’t make them!!

It felt more like Groundhog’s Day, then New Year’s Day, because I swear this is how most days start and end, as well as how I spend many hours in between, as well. Buy, it was indeed New Year’s Day according to the calendar, but again you wouldn’t have known it from the little people living in our house.

Well since it is New Year’s Day, I will say Happy New Year’s to you all one last time, even though Happy Groundhog’s Day (seeing as I seem to have this type of day way too often) seems so much more fitting and appropriate. That said, the more things change, the more they stay the same it would appear. So if you thought you were coming here and would get anything less, you were sincerely mistaken!!! Hope, we didn’t disappoint and wishing you only the best in 2013, because I hope someone will indeed get just that and more.

But just in case, I couldn’t resist including a clip of Groundhog’s Day for a good laugh, right here:

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    Oh Janine, I am laughing to myself here… I have four children and I know what you're going through – but hang in there! Yesterday and this morning, my husband and I both had a lie in until 10am. This is unheard of (for me anyway, he gets lie ins, I don't!), even once in a year, never mind on two consecutive days. It's like the planets aligned and the kids realised that they could remain in bed past 6am, and they could get up and play quietly in their rooms, without arguing and with the door shut. If it doesn't happen again this year I will look back at January 1st and 2nd and smile. It's only taken 17 years of being a Mum for it to happen. Your time will come too 😉

    • 2


      Thanks Michelle and I type this as Lily is sitting on the toilet crying that she had to stop watching Mickey Mouse to take a potty break. So is life I suppose, lol!! But seriously, thanks for giving me a bit of hope here :) :)

  2. 3


    Great movie! (lol you *know* some things resonate with different Readers at different times! )
    There is a thread starting at the BB G about when the best time to Post is, which leads to the question, how do people apportion the time (of their days) with an eye to getting in time online. My biggest challenge this year is to discipline myself to a pre-determined schedule for coming to this place. Should be an interesting experiment…think I am off-sched already!

    • 4


      Thanks Clark and have tried a few different times to schedule, but seem to like between 7:30-8 am EST. It works best for me and then people can always still catch up as the day goes on :) :)

  3. 5

    Meredith says

    Janine, this so made me laugh! Describing today to Groundhog's Day feels EXACTLY right–I think January 2 is my least favorite day of the year. Hope we both get our feet on the ground with 2013 sooner than later!

    • 6


      Thanks Meredith and always nice to know I am in good company with you, too!! And totally agree that I hope both of us land on our feet sooner rather than later in 2013!!

  4. 7

    Dani Ryan says

    Ahhhhh, life as a parent.

    Hubs went back to work today after almost 2 weeks off, and I'm feeling that "the holidays are over :(" feeling you described last week. Sigh.

    Love your new blog design, by the way! Nice job!

    • 8


      So true Dani and sorry that Hubs finally went back to work today, but bet you it will be more quiet around the house if yours is anything like ours!! Even so I know what you mean and Kevin also went back today and kind of miss him right now, too. But we always have each other I suppose and thanks for your kind words too on my blog design :) :)

  5. 9


    I feel your pain! Things were the same as always here too. My two younger girls spent at least an hour arguing over the arrows that came with their "Brave" bows. BUT – for years I had this fantasy of being able to sleep late again….and it has finally come true. There is always hope! :)

    • 10


      Lol, Amy. We actually watched Brave yesterday and Emma actually asked for the bow and arrow!! But seriously, love that I am not the only one with a crazy house and even crazier set of girls!!

  6. 11

    Kat Biggie says

    Yes, yes, I had a similar experience. Such is life with little ones. Ooh, one is crying for me now…

  7. 15

    Bill says

    I'm reminded of that old saying…."the more things change, the more they stay the same. " Have a great Wednesday Janine!

  8. 19


    Janine – Holidays are only for bankers, postal workers, and other government employees. Besides that, they're nothing more than just another day. I spent the day downloading music from my one surviving external hard drive onto my new one so that I could see what I was missing. Now I know that I only have about 62,000 more songs to rip off of cd's until I'm back up to where I need to be. In addition, the first thing that happened when I turned on the computer was that my 23" monitor fizzled out and died. So, I'm back to my old 21". Life goes on. Perhaps, our better year will start today, instead of yesterday. Otherwise, I'm going to Kansas, looking for a hot air balloon, and going back to Oz to join my friends in the Lollipop Guild! lol We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard……

    • 20


      Lol, Richard seriously you have a great way of looking at life and things in general. I hope you get your music up and running sooner rather than later. So sorry about the monitor though. I love how if all else you are going back to Oz. Totally awesome!! Thanks so much Richard and Happy New Years, yet again!!

  9. 21


    Happy Groundhogs Day to you too (and also a great movie, but you should still watch Ted!). I do understand your pain — and Lily's — I'm not a morning person either. If I could wake up crying every morning, I probably would! :)

    • 22


      Thanks Emily and will admit she get it from me. I am so not a morning person and would do anything in my youth to stay in bed a bit longer!! But she literally cries practically everyday when she wakes and it takes about 15 minutes or so for her to snap out of it. For those 15 minutes, I would rather be anywhere than here, lol!!

  10. 23


    I've been there. I also think it was a little worse the past few days because the girls sleep schedule was thrown completely out of whack! Can you believe all FOUR of them made it to midnight this year? Even my 2 year old. Everyone was EXTRA crabby the next day. Oh what fun!

    • 24


      Wow, I can't even imagine all four staying up until midnight. As it is Emma was up until 11 pm and then got up 7:30 am the next day, never napped and then went to bed at 9 pm last night. So, we too are off our schedules. I feel tired today and just so not sure how they aren't!! Thanks and seriously am with you it it being now fun, lol!!

  11. 25

    Stephanie Sprenger says

    Yup. Our first activity of the New Year involved us waking up at 3 a.m. to change a rather unfortunate diaper, and then proceeding to have the worst night sleep ever. Same "stuff", different year! 😉

    • 26


      Oh so sorry Stephanie, believe me I have been there with two kids and dirty diapers, so I can so relate and feel your pain on this one. And am with you on same stuff, different year, lol!!

  12. 27

    Ruchira says

    haha…I wish we could control our destiny, Janine. Besides, old habits die hard. Kids will eventually grow up but time is an issue here

    Happy New year!!

  13. 31

    Kelly Steele says

    Haha well when I first started reading I thought, aw that's so sweet, I wish I had girls who snuggled up with me because my boys aren't super cuddly… then I'm like hmmmmm, not sure anymore! :-)

  14. 37

    Melanie Chisnall says

    I could just imagine the scene…though I don't have kids, I've seen plenty of movies…what a way to start the day! And yet, here you are as always giving us who don't have kids a little chuckle in the morning….bet you're thinking, "Just wait till you have some of your own!" Lol! Hope the rest of the day was a bit better! I love Groundhog Day – one of my favourite movies, but my video thingy still isn't working!!

    • 38


      Oh Melanie, I love your take on it and you truly remind me of me when I didn't have kids. And believe me it isn't always this bad, we do have lots of good moments, but these are the moments that I can't help, but sit up and think, "What the hell am I doing?" and just can't help myself to share here. That thanks and I to love the movie Groundhog's Day. Sorry your movie player wasn't working :(

  15. 41

    Eddy says

    Oh yes how this brings back memories and you natural way of telling the story adds to it all wonderfully!!

    Ha ha ha thanks for the laugh;even though you weren't laughing at the time;these stories are what make the very best memories.

    Here's to a wonderful New year with you and yopur family.

    Great post and here's to so many more to follow. Lots of love from my little corner of Wales.


    • 42


      Thanks so much Eddy and will admit after it was all over and I re-read my blog, I did chuckle a bit, because if I can't laugh I may just go quite mad!! Seriously, though I know they are just kids and we have so many good moments too around here. Hope you are having a wonderful day and sending love back your way!!

  16. 43

    Kera says

    Oh kids. They will mess up your schedules every day but I wouldn't have it any other way…okay, maybe sometimes :) I could just picture this scene going down! Sofia has been a pain lately too and refuses to fall asleep anywhere except our bed. There must be something magical about it. And…did yet get to watch Ted yet?

    • 44


      Thanks Kera and you described Lily back at around 15 months old. We finally got her in her toddler bed right around two years old and now she sleeps in it for naps and all night long. I thank god for it, because we got our bed back, but do kind of miss her snuggling with me at the same time. We did get to watch Ted finally two nights ago. It was pretty funny, but was so tired had missed it was just a bit shorter.

  17. 45


    It only gets easier as they grow older. That is if you continue to parent them, which is a full time job. I wish you many peaceful mornings with your family in 2013!

    Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More!

  18. 47

    Anne Kimball says

    Oh my, Janine, what a start to the new year! Good luck with the tantrum years. You'll make it, I have faith in you!
    Thanks for linking this up with the TALU!

  19. 49

    Chris HyeThymeCafe says

    Hmmm, maybe you should have had ear plugs on your Christmas Wish List this year. 😉 [#TALU]

  20. 51

    Joan@JustTheRightThi says

    Lived through the kid thing – feel your pain. When they're older and your bed is your own again…you will be…SO HAPPY! We miss 'em (our three are in college now) but stretching out in our own bed and not causing a calamity is oh so good! Love 'em and kiss 'em and enjoy!

    • 52


      Oh thanks Joan and I would settle just for the screaming and whining to let up a bit. on't need them in college quite yet, because I guess I feel I wished so much of my life away already. So, I would like to enjoy them growing up, but when I get to that point I probably will enjoy my big bed, but then be lonely though. So can't have it both ways I guess, lol :)

  21. 55

    Debbie says

    I loved that movie. I also seem to have ground hog days. I think Mom's rule the ground hog day scenario. lol (talu)

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