“Scooch”: It is a Word I Swear!!

“You are a scooch!”, I exclaimed teasingly to Kevin.

“What am I?,” Kevin answered back.

“You heard me.  You are a scooch!”, I repeated.

“No I heard you, but that isn’t even a word,” he retorted a bit confused.

“It is too and I have heard it a million times over the years,” I said so sure of myself.

This conversation took place sometime back in mid 2003, when we were first dating.  Kevin was teasing me about something (for the life of me I don’t even remember what, because he does this a lot, so I lost track a long time ago all the times), but do remember how clearly he had never heard this word and was sure I made it up. So sure that, he was willing to defend that notion.

Funny thing is that I had heard that word a million times growing up and never thought twice about it. 

The word itself is supposed to mean quietly simply “a pain in the good old fashioned ass!”  But it is less crude or vulgar to say and trust me growing up, I was a real scooch to my parents.  My mom was also a stay at home mom and I think I truly gave her a run for her money right from the get go in this department.  I was a colicky baby, a whiny child and rebellious teenager putting it mildly.  So, I was called this on many occasion over the years.  Probably too many and I lost count long ago.

So on that fateful day, when I was indeed teasing Kevin, I never thought twice if the word was real or made up.  It had to be real, because plain as the nose on my face my mother said it all the time.  My mother wouldn’t lie to me, would she? 

I will say this, I googled it and found it online. It would seem that “scooch” is short for the Italian word “Scocciatore”, which means “pain in the neck” or even quite possibly “scocciare”, which also means “to bother/to bug”. So, I was not making it up, but because I am of Italian heritage and Kevin is 100% Irish, it stands to reason that he never heard this word before me. So, leave it to me to bring a bit of colorful language into his life. He can never say life with me is dull, I suppose.

Well, ten years later, Kevin has heard this word countless times from me me when quite simply he is being a real pain in the ass.  And for a guy who never heard this in his own house growing up as I said earlier, he now has heard his own mother, sisters, niece and now even our girls use it in reference to him.  So, it is true the word exists and would seem Kevin’s picture should be added next to it in the urban dictionary, according to our family.  Wouldn’t you agree!!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  I love Kevin to death, but this is truly a Kevin inspired post as he would say!!

Linking up again today with The Happy Wife’s Club and this is just another classic example of why I do love my husband for the fact that we can share in these types of inside jokes after all this time.

Why I Love My Husband

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    • 2


      Heather, I will have to remember that if I am ever in your neck of the woods visiting :) Seriously, I love that it is a word even if it means something different here versus there!!

  1. 5

    Chrishelle Ebner says

    Following from the Favorite Things blog hop. Love it. I have a new meaning for that word. Here in GA if you say scooch over, it means move over. Our endearing term is heife,r I know technically it means female cow. But if you are jokingly calling your friend this it means pain in some area of your body.

    • 6


      Oh thanks and now I too learned something new. If I start calling my husband a heifer, he will probably be confused, but this could be oh so fun. Seriously thanks so much Chrishelle :)

  2. 9

    Kevin says

    See now you got everyone to drink the 'scooch' Kool-Aid. By the way the iPhone kept tryin to auto correct the word, so see it is not a word. But never forget that you will always be my PITA (Pain In The Ass)!

    • 10


      The world will be mine one step at a time, lol!! Seriously, I just couldn't resist and just as you are my scooch, yes I will always be your pita!!! Love you. Hugs and kisses :)

  3. 11

    Michelle Liew says

    Ah, and I'm going to borrow this word heavily and use it on my husband too. Though they are schooces, we love them to death! Thanks Janine!

  4. 13

    Bill says

    Definitely a word I grew up with, and Lord knows I've been called it a few times. LOL Fun blog today my friend.

    • 22


      Oh thanks Melanie and I am really enjoying sharing these little stories for this link-up. I could never do the mushy thing and love sharing how real we are with each other. So I hope others do enjoy and see that through all the sarcasm and daily craziness that we do indeed love each other :)

  5. 27

    Jane Marsh says

    I love learning new words. :) So, I think you ought to make one up for that she/he pronoun dilemma my son is having.

  6. 29

    Stacy Harris says

    I have never heard of that word before but I know that there are plenty of things I say that I get weird looks from. This usually comes from my husband's family being from California and mine being from Wisconsin. I guess your background really does play into things alot. I don't remember what I said once, but my MIL looked at me and just laughed. It was a phrase I used and I used a lot. For the life of me, I can't remember which phrase it was. But I think I am going to start using scooch!

  7. 38

    Emily says

    Well, since my husband is half-Italian, I'm definitely going to use that word on him sometime because there are plenty of occasions when he's worthy of it! :)

  8. 48


    LOL! I've never heard that word and I definitely thought you were making it up :). It wasn't until I continued reading and you defined it that I realized it was real. Hmmm…I think I'll start using that. My mother when we were growing up told us breasts were called "ninnies." It wasn't until I was grown that I realized "ninny" is not a real word! Oh, the words our parents made up that we'll one day learn about…maybe when we're 50.

    • 49


      Oh thanks again for the link-up and very happy to share this word. I agree about our mothers and I haven't quite hit 50 yet, but when I do one never knows what I will start making up, lol!! Thanks again and so happy to share :) :)

    • 55


      Thanks Brett, that is what I have been hearing on here as the other meaning for the word and good to know that it is does exist for others even if it is a totally different meaning. Thanks again :) :)

  9. 56

    Thomas says

    hahaaaa i KNEW scooch was a word!! i couldn't remember who useta call me that until i read here it's an italian-american term and then i remembered my female italian friends calling me JUST THAT years ago in college… it's a brilliant word!

      • 58


        LOL… I was just looking up this word and came upon this post. You must be from Long Island or NYC…. my mom used to say that all the time!

        • 59


          Lol, Kristen, you totally made me smile as I was born and lived in Queens, NY until I was 14 years old and have lived on Long Island from that point up until now (I am 37 years old). So, yes total NY girl all the way, too!! :)

          • 60


            Ha, too funny! I’m from LI and my mom is from Queens/dad from LI (I’m 39). I just told my husband that my toddler son was being a scooch to his sister…. I started to wonder, what the heck does that mean? LOL. Glad to hear someone else uses it!! Sometimes I wonder about half the words/phrases I said, and still do say,from NY!! :)
            Kristen recently posted…The Pin It Party – Week 62My Profile

          • 61


            Kristen, it is funny how certain sayings are born of certain areas and how you just knew growing up in NY that this word had to be said by a fellow NY’er. I truly love that you found me this way and have to know that this alone made me smile last night and this morning now, too more then you know :)


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