Update On Heathers With A Bit of The Usual from My Gang

Am I the only one who has bathroom horror tales and screaming or whining stories galore to tell on any given today? Sorry rhetorical question, but just had to ask. However, never mind I will get back to that momentarily.

Anyway, I had written in the past about a situation at Emma’s pre-school, where she was not including one of her fellow classmates, because of the situation that she goes to school with two of her cousins. If you missed this article, please click here.

In case you forgot this classic movie…

However, in this post I wanted to attempt to give a update to the situation here today. We finally had the first playdate between Emma and her friend, “Veronica”, but of course some hijinks occurred, too that I felt I needed to include. So sit back and get comfy for this one.

It would have taken place sooner, but with the holidays and everyone being so busy, this was the first opportunity to get the girls together. We met at Burger King for lunch, where the girls had Happy Meals and played on the indoor playground.

They got to spend about two hours in total together outside of school and I felt it went pretty well. “Veronica’s” mom and I also got to spend a bit of time getting to know each other, while the girls played (some nice adult time was had, too). By the way, Lily tagged along, but she also hung out with Emma and her new friend. At times like this, I do truly like that the girls are so close in age and enjoy stuff like this together.

That said it was a great time, even if it was at Burger King. But did need to share a few things that happened other than they actual playdate, because seriously what is my life without some gratuitous bathroom scenarios and a bit of little kids being little kids with their tempers. For starters, I had to take both girls to the restroom at different times, because with two potty trained kids a little potty time is a necessary evil. By the way, you know from past posts just how much fun those times are for me. Seriously, public restrooms should have a sign on them, “Beware before entering, especially with children”. Of course this one was no different. I took Emma first, while Lily was watched by “Veronica’s Mom” and of course she had to wait until the smaller stall was free. Honestly, I love how her mind works like there was some magical prize in using that stall versus the other when she entered. But in the end, other than that all went fine in there with Emma.

Then, Lily had to go. I get her in there and we went into the same stall Emma went in only ten minutes earlier and apparently someone went in, used it and peed all over the seat. So, I proceeded to try to clean the toilet, because as gross as it was, sadly I have touched worse than fresh pee at this point in my life. However, when the toilet paper came out streaked with blood, I drew the line. I got her dressed immediately and went into the handicap stall with her and let her finish up. Normally, I wouldn’t have said anything, but seriously who leaves blood all over and doesn’t clean it up. I am not a germaphobe either, but still I got a bit concerned about diseases for a moment, too. So, I told an employee that they better go in there and clean it. Sorry, but that was just plain gross and so unnecessary. For me to complain after all I have seen and been through with my bunch, it has to be bad.

By the end of the two hours, other than the bloody toilet seat, all had gone swimmingly and thankfully the girls seems to be friends now and are planning on doing more playdates, too. So, I felt like we had made good headway on that front finally. Which was the purpose, so I will say the playdate itself was a success by all standards thankfully.

Why is this how I feel by the end of an afternoon with my kids??

However, as stated earlier, my tale would not be complete without some whining and screaming out of my kids, because of course at this age they just know how to do this oh so well!! When we were leaving, Emma started to cry that she didn’t go on the big slide that she usually goes on a hundred times. It turns out another little boy was on it, so both she and “Veronica” were too shy to go on. So, regret took over Emma that she didn’t get to do this. As we were driving home, she was whining, while then Lily was relatively quiet munching on her puffs, but once we got home this all changed. Emma still whining, wore herself out from the day’s activities, sat on the chair curled up and fell asleep. I put a blanket on her and she stayed there for over an hour. Lily, Little Miss Go Big or Go Home, started to scream when I took her coat off like I was taking her best friend away from her and did this all the way into her bed, where she collapsed for two hours before I heard from her again.

Those few minutes of both girls a mess were enough to make me want to call for Calgon or at least for my happy place. But thankfully, as I said it was short lived and I actually got some quiet time, even if it was to catch up on all the e-mails and articles I missed being published while I was out. Right before they woke up, I finally caught up and then of course it was time for round two until bedtime!! But that is another story, for another day.

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  1. 1


    Janine – Public bathrooms are the worst. They are constant reminders that the "public" includes crude, gross people who have no manners or consideration for anyone. It was probably an employee that left the mess there to begin with! lol Kids will be kids. At least they're of the age where a nap is still possible. Hang in there and keep smiling!

    • 2


      Oh Richard, I agree about public restrooms and this though was the worst I have seen I think in quite sometime. For me to be grossed out, it had to be bad, because I see all kids of lovely things all day long with my gang!! That said thank you seriously for always being so kind to me :) :)

  2. 3


    …Burger King… recreational time (oddly enough, I immediately flashed on an old movie that came out when I was in my late teens, Fellini's 'Satyricon'. I seem to recall that it was greeted with shocked outrage, both professed and genuine, from the adults and the delight of young adults)
    now, there is no way I am going to explain *that* little aside, other than to say, 'good Post! I know how it feels when the events of a busy day pile up!

    • 4


      Clark I actually have never heard of that movie, but you did make me smile so thanks as always for that. And happy to know I am not the only one who has their daily routine pile up now and again!!

  3. 5

    Bill says

    You know, I have never had to fight the bathroom wars; not growing up, and not married. I have no frame of reference thank God. :)

  4. 7

    Jane Marsh says

    I have peed my children in the parking lots of fast food restaurants when their restrooms were too disgusting to use. And went inside and said, "I just peed my child in your parking lot because your restroom is too disgusting to use." (It also works, btw, in those places with a "restrooms for customers only" signs. "Look, my 3 y o has to pee now, so either let me use the staff washroom, or he'll be whizzing on your loading dock.") 😛

    • 8


      Jane, I tell you it would have been cleaner, but seriously I was so grossed out and as I said before it takes a lot to get me to that point. We do go there every so often and am even contemplating getting in touch with corporate to complain, because this truly was unacceptable.

  5. 9

    Kat Biggie says

    Ewwwwww! This is probably teh WORST aspect of having little girls – PUBLIC RESTROOMS. Oh I have been so grossed out… especially in restaurants when you think, how can I go and eAT after being in this disgustingness! I can't wait til my girls are big enough to squat!!!

    • 10


      Alexa, I am with you on this truly being one of the worst aspects about having girls who are trained. I have been in a lot of awful public bathrooms, but this took the cake for me. And I am also with you on the squatting. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. 11

    Dani Ryan says

    Ugh. I AM a germaphobe, so this would've done me in. Why are people so disgusting? I mean, when they get old enough to go in alone, what happens when these things happen? I can't even imagine it. And, naturally, I have a little girl. I'm so screwed when I start toilet training her!!!!

    Glad things went well with the playdate though. I have been wondering!

    • 12


      Dani, the playdate did go very well and was so happy to finally give update here. As for the bathroom situation, I am not a germaphobe (or at least not that I know I am), but this was truly nasty and even I was left with my stomach turned just a bit. I will say this, I have had my horror restroom stories and then I have had no so bad. So, I am sorry if I scared you a bit, but this was truly the worst case I have seen. Promise, it isn't all this bad.

    • 14


      Sorry Julie, believe me I had just eaten lunch when I went in there and believe me it was less that appetizing for me, as well. That said, seriously that stuff does just seem to find me and can't make it up if I tried!! Thanks as always for the votes and I do the same for you everyday, too :)

  7. 15


    I have a friend here who calls some of the moms at her son's elementary school "heathers"….believe it or not, I've never seen that movie. I'm going to have to watch it one of these days! At least the girls collapsed into naps after the Burger King episode – phew!

    • 16


      Oh wow, that is really interesting that these moms are called the Heathers and guess some people don't outgrow this stuff ever. Sad, but true. That said, I loved the movie Heathers, probably because I had a huge crush on Christian Slater. You should definitely watch it and it is so our generation. As for the girls napping, I was just so happy, because somedays now they just fight it and I am left exhausted by 4 pm. Just so not fun!!

  8. 17

    Rachel Harper says

    Geh, public washrooms. Some people will put whatever they want, whenever they want on those seats, and it's like a guessing game which one is going to be the cleanest. Sounds like things are going well now, and she has a new friend!!

  9. 19

    Meredith says

    Go you for doing this playdate lunch, horridly gross bathroom and all! I remember when you first wrote about "The Heathers", and I completely get this. Love that ecard–perfect.

  10. 21

    Cyndi says

    Sounds like the day went really okay wit a few little hiccups. I"m glad you got to spend some adult time with Virginia's mom, too. :)

  11. 23

    Ruchira says

    Good to read that the playdate went well except for the horrible bathroom. Public bathrooms are a mess anyways…that kinda freaks out all moms, Janine. You are fine, loathing about it.

    Voted for ya!

    • 24


      Oh thanks as always Ruchira and it was my pleasure to share that the playdate did go good. Also, have voted for you and do it everyday when I read and comment on your own :) :)

  12. 25

    Melanie Chisnall says

    Who knew a simple meal out would cause so much drama? LOL. Funny for us reading…but then again, memories you're unlikely to forget too, hehe. Glad you had a chance to get to know "Veronica's" mom a bit better as well.

  13. 29


    What I love about your blog Janine is that you are totally honest about everything and I can relate with ;whether it was years ago when my kids were small or today concerning my grandchildren. Here's to so many more Janine and I have a new blog which will be published on Saturday I wish I could make it as well presented as yours.I am sharing this one all around too. Take care and here's lots of love from my little corner of Wales for you and your beautiful family.


    • 30


      Oh thanks for saying that Eddy and very much look forward to your new blog. Please send me the link so I can stop by when you do have it up and running. As always love right back at you!! :) :)

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