Flashback Wordless Wednesday #5

Tomorrow is indeed Valentine’s Day and I have shared some photos on past two Flashback Wordless Wednesdays of my romantic Valentine in the form of my husband, Kevin.  But this week to round out my Valentine’s Day pictures, I am sharing Valentine’s Day pictures from all the Valentines’s Days that I have had with my girls from the Emma’s very first Valentine’s Day to last year’s Valentine’s Day with both my girls. So sit back and enjoy this week’s trip down memory lane.

Emma February 2010--Bowtastic!!

Emma February 2010–Bowtastic!!

Yes, that is my Emma on her very first Valentine’s Day sporting her best pink bow and that smile that melts my heart so very much!!!  God time sure flies, because I do remember dressing her up to take this picture and snapping picture after picture until I got the exact pose I wanted.

My Two Babies--Valentine's Day 2011

My Two Babies–Valentine’s Day 2011

You guessed it, this was Lily’s First Valentine’s Day and Emma’s second.  They somehow both wanted to sit together and I was able to put them in the one highchair to share for this photo op, but make no mistake this was short lived, because the space was indeed limited, but I still remember the fun they had taking this picture like it was again yesterday!!

Wearing their Best Hello Kitty--Valentine's Day 2012

Wearing their Best Hello Kitty–Valentine’s Day 2012

Hard to believe this was a year ago, because both my girls have a ton of hair now and wear ponytails and pigtails with all the hair they do have only a short year later.  But this was indeed Valentine’s Day 2012, when the girls just had to wear their matching Hello Kitty t-shirts.

And now tomorrow is Valentine’s Day 2013.  So, from our house to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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  1. 1

    The Next Step says

    lol, I love how wordy your wordless wednesdays are! I like the ease of just posting a photo. :-) Wednesdays are my busy days around here too, so it takes a little pressure off.

    • 2


      Thanks Lori and I am a writer by nature, so I can't help, but describe just slightly here, lol!! But it does take a bit of pressure off me still and now Saturdays will be a recap day, because that is truly my busy day. So, I am getting two days to at least relax just slightly!!

  2. 3

    Rita Abitabile says

    Thank you for posting these adorable photos for Valentines Day. How quickly time goes…you tend to forget how little the kids were each V Day. So it is nice to remember! Love you and my grandchildren!

    • 10


      Oh thanks Emily. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, too and like I said Emma was bald and couldn't wait to have some (any) hair to be able to put in pigtails, clips and the assorted girly hairstyles, so it was bowtastic around here for a while, lol!! :)

  3. 13

    Melanie Chisnall says

    Oh these are precious Janine! Amazing how much they changed in one year, wow! Love all the pink. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  4. 15

    Cyndi says

    Thos pics of Emma and Lily are priceless! I especially love the ones with the "Hello Kitty" shirts. Hehe. Wonderful WW post! Tweeted and featured (on Sunday) 😀

  5. 19

    Kera says

    Oh my goodness…that photo of Lily and Emma sitting together is too adorable. Did it take a while for Emma's hair to grow in? Sofia hardly has any hair at 16 months compared to other toddlers her age. Happy Valentine's Day to you…enjoy it with your hubby and your little girls :)

    • 20


      Thanks and the same to you, too. Emma's hair finally started to come in at around 18 months, but did seem to take forever. Now at almost 4 years old it is very long, but still not quite as thick as her sisters!!

    • 26


      Thanks Roshni. Emma looks like Kevin and Lily looks a bit more like me, but yet when you put them together you can still see so many similarities between them and can't deny they are sisters :)

  6. 29

    Stacy Harris says

    Happy Valentine's Day to you guys… what a trip down memory lane! Love how you take a picture of them every Valentines Day! :) They sure have changed so much!

    • 30


      Thanks Stacy and I couldn't help, but take a photo and am kind of a photo obsessed mom, lol!! But I too was kind of in shock of how much they changed from last year. I see them everyday so sometimes I don;t see it until I look at the pictures if that makes sense!! :)

  7. 39

    gigigirl says

    And happy Valentine's Day to all of you too…..loved that walk down memory lane. Can't believe the girls are getting so big! Hugs and kisses all around xxoo

    • 40


      Oh happy to give a bit of a walk down memory lane. Thank you a ton for the Valentine's Cards and stickers for the girls. They loved them and Emma told me how much she misses you, too!! xoxo :)

  8. 47

    judyastra1 says

    Your children are so adorable! Beautiful pictures! My twin sister's name was Janine. I am now a Follower of your Blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Judy – Judy H-J's Thoughts

  9. 48


    Thank you so very much Judy and am also happily following you now, too. What a small world about your sister and having the same. I truly didn't know many other Janine's in my life. Hope you too are enjoying your weekend!! :)

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