Vonage Mobile App Review & iTunes/Google Play Gift Card giveaway

When I was younger, I never really thought twice about saving money.  I mean when I was single and didn’t have kids, I worked full-time and all my extra money that didn’t pay bills was mine to do with it as I pleased.

Then, I met Kevin and eventually we got engaged and then got married.  When we were newly married, we still weren’t as concerned with money.  Although, we did put a certain amount if we could in our savings.  But still we spent money and many times truly didn’t think twice about it.

But then, I got pregnant and had Emma.  I learned quickly that everything baby cost money.  I mean diapers, wipes, formula (and that was the tip of the iceberg) cost a small fortune.  I regularly asked myself, “How could a small baby cost this much?”

Never Imagined How Much One Little Baby Could Cost Us!!

Never Imagined How Much One Little Baby Could Cost Us!!

And then as most know we went back and had Lily only 16 short months later.  So to say we were in over our heads with bills and such was an understatement.  And add to the fact, as most already know that I ended up losing my teaching job and becoming a stay at home mom.  So money was definitely tight living on one income (Kevin’s) for four people.

And now I am always looking for ways to save money and not too proud to admit this.

So, when I was approached to review the Vonage Mobile App, which you can read more about below, I was intrigued, because it was being touted as a way to save money one’s monthly cell phone bill.

Since both Kevin and I have iPhones on a family share plan, we do pay a good amount monthly for this one bill alone.  Anyway to cut back on this would be well appreciated by us both, because even I am working now from home between this blog and my design company, we are still in the process of thinking about purchasing our very first home hopefully in the 6-9 months give or take.

In essence whatever I could save on our monthly cell phone bill, I could put right into savings to help with the down payment for a house.  Even if it $5 a month, it is $5 more then we had before.  So a win-win in my book.

My iPhone--Thank You To Vonage for Saving Us Money!!

My iPhone–Thank You To Vonage for Saving Us Money!!

So for those also interested in also saving a bit of money on your cell phone bill, please continue to read more about Vonage Mobile below.

About Vonage Mobile:

Benefits of Vonage Mobile:

  • Friends/family living in other countries? Simply download the app, have them download it too and never pay to call them again
  • Vonage Mobile uses your existing phone number and syncs with your phone book for extremely simple setup (compared to Skype/Google Voice, etc.)
  • Simple menu options: Find out immediately if your call is free and which contacts have Vonage Mobile
  • Make an iPod touch a cell phone by downloading Vonage Mobile and using Wi-Fi.

And not is Vonage offering to save all my readers money by simply downloading their app, but they are also offering $50 giftcard to iTunes or Google Play for one lucky reader today.

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      Oh the formula was truly so expensive. Emma was put on the most expensive for lactose and soy allergies (Alimentum), but thankfully at the time insurance covered it, but not so much with Lily. So, yes I can totally feel your pain on that one!!

  1. 3


    thanks for the info, that's good to know Janine. I dumped verizon because their prices and "plans" were laughable and disgusting. I decided buy a pay as you go phone and for only $45 a month I get 1200 minutes for calls and unlimited text and internet. The service isn't excellent, but it's great. If I do ever decide to get rid of the phone I will think about vonage. I always wondered how it worked. Wonder if I can buy a pay as you go iphone and then use vonage on it.

    • 4


      Karen, that is a great question and do think you may be able to, because it is an app, so as long as you have an iPhone I don't see why you can't download the app and use it :)

    • 6


      Ashley, it is just scary how much we, too wasted and if we had that money now what we could have!! But trying now with small steps (like this) to make some headway!! :) :)

  2. 7

    Billybuc says

    Janine, you are the perfect example that if you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you are getting. Success begets success, and this blog is successful. Well done my friend and have a great Monday.

  3. 11


    Money is the biggest source of stress for me and my husband. We just bought a new house and our mortgage went up . . . so it feels like we are back to square one (when I wasn't working and we were a 1 income family). But – I've learned that when that's really making things hard for me, I just have to find a kid to hug and look around. Money is important but it's not the MOST important. It makes life easier but can't always make it fuller. :)


    My recent post Mommy TMI Take Two – Baby, What Turns You Off?

  4. 15


    Hey lovely lady! Thanks so much for linkin up at This Momma's Ramblings for This Momma's Meandering Mondays! Good luck! When I was with my first hubby we ended up having to file for bankruptcy, because we were so very stupid with money, and the current hubby and I only got partially out of debt by leaving my job and cashing in my retirement, Because of that, the hubby and went to straight talk a few months ago, from a standard flip go phone. We knew that we could never get a contract phone, financially, but for a year we pay $500 for our smart phones and unlimited everything. Have an awesome week!

    • 16


      Oh thank you for hosting and seriously also thanking you for sharing. Money issues I think creep up for many and just know you aren't alone and like I said here, we too have had our issues in the past.

  5. 25


    Janine, thank you for sharing this resource. To use Vonage, you still have to have (and pay for) an iPhone and a service provider. In other words, I wouldn't be able to ditch my cell phone and use my Macbook, download the app, then make free phone calls. I'm with you, I'm always looking for ways to save and phone bills are so expensive!
    My recent post I’m Getting an iPhone!

    • 26


      You are correct 100% Catherine and thought that most reading knew that downloading the app, meant you had to have a smartphone to do this with. It is available on both Apple iTunes and Android, too. Thanks though for making this clear for anyone who might have misread, what I wrote. Appreciate it!! :)

  6. 27


    As I started to read your post, it was like I was talking about my own life! Like most times, lol. RJ and I tried to save money here and there when we were first married, but with two pretty good incomes from working in DC, and not having bought our house yet, we didn't have to worry at all. But then we went from moving to a different state, buying a house and doing things that came along with that, and having Sofia. And now…having another baby. We have money saved, but we REALLY need to keep an eye on spending and keep a tight budget these days. Anything like the Vonage plan you shared here can help! We luckily are each on our parents' plans still so we're not paying a lot for cell phones each month…yet. If they ever kick us off their plans Vonage is a good option!
    My recent post five among friends ~ week 3.

  7. 29

    pictimilitude says

    Ha! We just recently got some iPhones…and I might be getting a MacBook one of these here days…Janine, you go, girl. And I'm LOVING the fact that I can comment easily these days – it's weird – ever since I went over to J9 and commented there, I haven't had problems here.
    I have no idea. Maybe the internet gods are pleased with me. 😉
    My recent post Julie and Julia and Not Blogging

    • 34


      Oh thanks Christy and I never would have imagined, but seriously even today I was back at the doctor with Lily running a fever and paying another co-pay at the doctor. It never ends!!

  8. 35

    Ruchira says

    yup, baby costs a fortune…agree with you!

    Vonage has been giving good deals on international front too. Calling my parents in India for just $20 a month and talk time is unlimited!

    Calling cards cost a fortune…

    Voted for you :)

    • 36


      Oh you are right about calling cards and my experience was when we were in the Bahamas for our honeymoon and I had to buy calling cards. It was ridiculous, so you are totally right. Thank you too for the votes and for sharing about the perks of their international plans, too :)

    • 38


      My pleasure, Stephanie for sharing and I know it just crazy how much we do spend at this point and truly don't see it getting any better especially as they head closer to the teen years and want more expensive items!!

  9. 41

    realhousewife says

    I love that you say you're not too proud to admit you like saving money! Me too!

    When Dave and I had a young family, we were really living paycheck to paycheck like most everyone else. I ended up cutting the cable, cell phones, just anything "extra". I didn't resort to using a CC (and still don't) unless it was an emergency. I can remember when everybody else had cable and we had local 2, 4, 5, 11 and 30 channels. We'd lay in bed and watch reruns of The Newly Wed Game and try to answer the questions like we were playing…those were some GOOD times!! Hahaha. I'd look into his eyes and say stuff like, "OMG! We're poor people aren't we?" NO NO NO!

    Soon all those expenses like diapers and daycare went away…the savings got fat and we've never looked back!!

    • 42


      Oh Kelly, we also try very hard not to use the credit cards and we do we only charge what we can pay off immediately. I have never paid finance charges on my credit cards and am damn proud to say that. The math person in me is good at crunching the numbers and making it work, but it isn't easy and just do the very best I can here. And The Newly Wed Game was such a fun show. Wonder why they don't replay reruns anymore!! :)

  10. 43


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